Sweet Pea Yoga & Wellness is all about wellness for your mind, body and soul!

Who are we?

Sweet Pea Yoga & Wellness is about wellness for your mind and your body.

Using yoga, dancing, and mental health techniques,
you'll feel like a better person walking away from my classes!

Getting your mind and body moving on a regular basis can help relieve many symptoms related to mental health conditions (stress, anxiety, depression, etc).

Want to learn to learn more about yoga?
Want to dance the night away with Zumba?
Want to educate yourself on mental health?

I am here to support you, your community, and your employees!

What do we offer?

  • Multi-Style Yoga

    Online & In-Person

  • Zumba® Classes

    Online & In-Person

  • Mental Health Course

    Online & In-Person

  • Corporate Events

    Online & In-Person


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